Print Posted by Idiomas Mundiales on 02/24/2016

D.I.S.C Delegation


This workshop describes how to delegate and manage projects more effectively based on the DISC profiles of your team members.

Two of the most frustrating "lessons" when we're starting out as managers are ones that many of us ignore. The first one is, "Hey! Not everyone is just like me!" Some of us just ignore it, rely on our power, and struggle through with less than ideal relationships with our team members. And the second one is closely related to it, but still different: "Hey! Not only is everyone not like me . . . they're not like each other, either! They’re all different!"

If we want to be effective as managers, we've got to manager everyone who works for us as an individual. And using the DISC profile, the best behavioral profile and communication tool we know of, makes one to one managing within all of our reach.


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