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Delegate Your Reporting Workshop - 3 Hours


This workshop describes how and why to delegate almost all of your routine reporting to your employees.

Because so many management theorists want to talk about the overall management of companies, the theory of management, or the ideas behind management, very few of us seem to want to talk about the behaviors of management. For example, what managers do day-to-day – how they behave, and what behaviors they engage in, does in fact matter. It matters because so many of us intend to do our best, but don't know how.

Delegation is one of the un-discussed strategies of successful management. Some theorists assume that it's happening . . . but probably without really knowing exactly what it is, how it looks or how it feels. Some others wouldn't give it a second thought.

Really effective executives are often seen to be over-delegating. Yet too many managers aren't delegating enough. Aside from the fear associated with the risk of failure, the questions would be – what do I delegate, and how do I do it? Here's what, why, and how, in detail:

 A. Why to Delegate Reporting

  • Managerial Economics 101
  • Development of Directs
  • Broadening of Directs

 B. How to Prep for Delegating Reporting

  • Take Inventory of Your Reports
  • Segregate into Thirds
  • Delegate Bottom Third First
  • Choose Direct Based On Skill, Need, and/or Desire

 C. How to Handle the Delegation Conversation

 D. How to Follow Up


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