Print Posted by Idiomas Mundiales on 02/25/2016

Why Your Offshore HR Staff Hates Doing Interviews

Why Your Offshore HR Staff Hates Doing Interviews

You can poll your HR staff right now and ask them what they hate most about their job, and they’ll most likely answer having to assess language skills. Here’s why:

They Are Not Language Assessment Experts

We are not sure how it happened, but somewhere along the way it has been expected that HR staff be responsible for assessing a candidate’s language skill. Language assessment is a career in itself that requires years of training and experience. To expect someone that have received little to no professional training to do this borders on “unfair”.

Bad Hires Look Bad On Them

If for any reason a candidate is flagged as having the proper English level, and ends up showing otherwise on the floor, the HR department is often to blame for letting them slip through the cracks.

No Resources Are Made Available

Most companies will agree that hiring staff with the proper English level is essential to the success of all. Nothing tarnishes a brand quite like providing its customers with poor customer support.

Very few companies provide their HR staff with tools and resources to help better hire and assess language skills. Instead of investing on preventative measures, companies are often forces to invest on reactive measures in the form of language classes and additional training. This is both costly and time-consuming.

It’s Extremely Time Consuming

Worst of all, correcting thousands of exams is extremely repetitive and time consuming. Not finding a solution that leverages technology will insure your HR department stays in the pen and paper age.

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