Print Posted by Idiomas Mundiales on 02/25/2016

How To Hire Candidates With The Right English Level

How To Hire Candidates With The Right English Level

IIf you have a call centre, or work for an HR department, one of your greatest challenges is no doubt assessing language skills. The acquisition cost per hire can often reach $1000, and hiring someone that eventually demonstrates they do not have the right English level can cost you upwards to $5000 after everything is said and done.

Companies attempt to combat this by investing in expensive language classes, training, and online softwares. The reality is that all of these measures are reactionary. Just like medicine, it is always more efficient and less costly to be preventative and reactionary.

Invest In Language Assessment Technology

Investing in language assessment technology will not only make your HR department jump up for joy, it will also have a dramatic impact on the number of costly erroneous hires.

APE Placement Exams provide employers with automated results assessing a long-range of skills in the primary skills of reading comprehension, listening comprehension, and writing skills (vocabulary, grammar, punctuation).

Save Time And Money

Relying on an automated exam to filter, you will reduce the total man hours needed to hire each individual. Your interviewer will forever be greatful, never having to sit in an interview where a candidate clearly does not pocks the necessary language skills to do the job well.

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