Build Your Own Custom Course That Focuses On The Specific Skills Needed To Do The Job.

Building Your Custom Course

This only requires an hour of your time. During this meeting, we go over the various skills and levels someone can acquire while studying English. The objective is for you to let us know what skills are needed by the employees as well as what level you would like them to obtain. Once this is identified, we can create a course that is built specifically to improve these areas.

Placement Exams

We'll complete Placement Exams in order to identify each student’s level. Once we know the students level, we will be able to tell you how many hours each student will need to study in order to obtain the level you requested in Step 1. There is a fully refundable $5 fee for each Placement Exam. The full refund will be applied to your first bill.

Choosing A Schedule

Once you know how long it will take for your staff to obtain the desired level you can proceed to select your schedule. Idiomas Mundiales offers on-site classes at the time that is convinient to you, starting from 7am going as late as 9pm. Since this is a custom course, you can choose any schedule you like.

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